Gregory Peters

    “There is neither creation nor destruction,
    Neither destiny nor free will,
    Neither path nor achievement;
    This is the final truth.”
         – Sri Ramana Maharshi.
    “Her divine form, like a black storm cloud,
    illumined by the sun,
    she stands unveiled,
    her long hair flowing like monsoon rain.
    Be lost in awe of her, O mind,
    for you will never comprehend her.” 
         – Ramprasad Sen
    "That which produces bliss should be used in worship 
     since it ravishes the heart."
         - Kularnava Tantra

Gregory Peters is a researcher and explorer who has written about Tantra, Non-Duality, and the intersection of East-West spiritual practices. He is a long time meditator, tantrika, and senior adept of western esotericism. With deep experience in non-dual tantra, dream yoga and western esoteric practices, his writings explore the rich magical display of experience.

Hiking, trekking, and travel are some of his favorite activites. He enjoys traveling to sacred sites around the world and exploring spiritual practices from many cultures and traditions. Nature is his primal worship, with the crisp air of the Himalayas or the deep forests favored over temples built by hand. Nature and the night sky hold a deep wisdom for us, if only we are willing to open up and experience.