Lalita Tripurasundari

In Praise of Lalita

I invoke the devi Tripurasundari, mahavidya of Lalita
Goddess of Beauty and Play and Love and Joy!
Let us invoke the sweet smelling one!
Naked, with fiery green eyes and golden skin, hair aflame in crimson light
Her arms granting boons and dispelling all fear.
Her naked body marked with blood and ash,
Her heart aflame with passion and fire!
Aom! I salute the beautiful one of three worlds!
Jai Devi! Jai Tripurasundari!
Obeiassance to the Lotus eyed one of sweet nectars, Jai Pankajakshi![1]
Aom! With incense of sandal I salute Thee! Jai Devi!
Aom! With lights I salute Thee! Jai Istadevi![2]
Aom! With water I salute Thee! Jai Sarvagata![3]
Be favourable to me, oh blossom honey of light!
Grant thine aid unto me, that I may come to rest
in your sweet smelling presence, Jai Shrimati![4]
With sandalpaste, ash, sindur and water I am marked
to your devotions, oh Vibhutidevi![5]
With the bijamantra HRIM I invoke Thee!
Jai Tripurasundari! Jai Lalita! Jai Devi!
Oh, Mandayanti[6], grant me Thy grace! Give me of Thy milk to drink!
Oh, Jayesvari[7], inform me with Thy blood kisses!
Let Thy brilliant light shine through me, fulfilling me of Thy divine embrace!
Jai Sadhya! Jai Sadhwi! Jai Sara! Jai Savitri![8] Aom!
Aom nama Tripurasundari!
Jai Istadevi!
[1] (Pankaja “mud born, lotus” + akshi “eye”) The lotus eyed.
[2] One’s chosen goddess (“beloved goddess.”)
[3] (sarva “all” + gata “having gone”) Having pervaded all, having reached everywhere.
[4] (shri “beauty, light, wealth” + mati “having”) Having beauty and fortune, the beautiful.
[5] Glory, might, wealth. Consecrated ash used by devotees of Shiva. Also the 6th of Lalita's 108 names.
[6] Delighting, rejoicing.
[7] (jaya “victorious” + iswara “sovereign goddess”). The victorious goddess.
[8] Sadhya, “the attainable,” a name of Lalita. Sadhwi, “the virtuous.” Sara, “the Essence.” Savitri, the consort of the Sun.
[March 1998]